What Drives Us…


Posture Media is a creative studio comprised of women, people of color, and LGBTQ+ creators and visionaries. We are committed to the advancement of diversity in media and advertising.

We believe (along with a lot of other professionals) that creative and groundbreaking work goes hand-in-hand with diversity. 

That means all the work we do — from creative strategy and production to diversity consulting — comes with a highly talented team full of unique perspectives and different life experiences. 

That means for you: better workmore impact, and ultimately more profit

To be relevant today means embracing nontraditional ways of thinking and communicating. But beyond that, it also means standing for something. 

We were raised by social media and the internet. We bring companies in-the-now awareness and a competitive edge while cultivating long-term brand loyalty. 

Diversity doesn't happen over night. It takes commitment and a desire to do better from the top down. We can help you get a jump start on inclusivity and long-lasting change — both internally and externally. 

And, importantly, we're a safe space to ask all the questions you want and get you on the path to becoming a cultural force.

Let’s work together!