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Hilarie Viener, Founder and CEO

We recently announced our partnership with Viener&Partners, a team of global executives from the creative and branding industries with an established track record of working with over 100 brands in markets across the globe, from Fortune 500’s to really cool start-ups.

This partnership will benefit organizations and brands that seek to infuse diversity in their culture and communications and invest in an inclusive future.

As the cultural landscape and social norms continue to shift at a fairly rapid pace, some organizations and brands are having challenges navigating their positioning, while maintaining their relevance.

Our combined offering provides a concept to creation to activation approach, that allows us to develop and execute strategically sound and fully integrated work, from the inside out.

“As marketers, it is absolutely paramount that we focus on the culture that we are living in and through — and the people that make up that culture — as it’s simply the heartbeat.” said Hilarie Viener, Founder of Viener&Partners. “Winter has created a culturally diverse and inclusive platform, organically and authentically, bringing such a ‘right-in-the-now’ perspective that is as brilliant as it is fresh.”

We decided to work together because it allows us each to focus on our core strengths, while extending our overall capabilities.

V&P specializes in branding, communications and marketing, and we are rooted in creative, production, and diversity consulting.

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